Friday, August 21, 2015

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow, I can't believe so much time has flown by!  Life has been extremely busy at my house.  Almost no time for sewing, but boy have I been busy collecting license plates for the Row by Row Experience . I've collected a lot from Kansas and a few from Missouri and Colorado.

Hubby and I just returned from a quick vacation out to Colorado to visit his brother. On the way we stopped at as many quilt shops as we could.  He was such a sweetie to do that for me!  Anyway at one of the shops in Western Kansas I came across this!

Does anyone remember this?  I was so excited to see it. I hadn't seen one in years.  I remember going to the Ben Franklin store near my hometown and watching the clerks use it when my mom bought fabric.  The quilt shop was Smoky River Quilt Shoppe in Oakley, Kansas  They said they do still use it!  I met a couple of very nice ladies there, I'm not sure if one was the owner or not, but they were friendly and helpful. 

 I've found that at the majority of the quilt shops I've visited the people are friendly and happy to chat.  There have been a few shops that when they find out I'm there for the row by row and only want the free pattern and to buy the license plate, they have gotten somewhat short with me.  It's too bad, because they were nice shops and I may have returned there again when I wasn't pressed for time. Oh, who am I kidding, I'll probably still go back when I have time or am in the area again!  I found a lot of nice shops that have unique things to offer.

I've added several projects to my ever growing to do list, but have completed almost none:(.  Hopefully in the next few weeks and I get my sewing room set back up (long story for another day) and get back sewing again.

Happy Sewing,