Sunday, July 2, 2017

Branching out-Cameo machine

I love crafts of all kinds.  For years the only sewing I was able to do was once a year for Halloween costumes for our four children.  Back then I did a lot of scrapbooking and had all the tools for that.  I have an old Sizzix machine that we made all sorts of letters and designs.  But the problem with that was you couldn't change the sizes and were limited to what Sizzix offered. Plus you had to constantly buy new dies.  So over the course of the years, it got relegated to the basement and never used.

Then I discovered the Cameo machine!  Oh my, what a cool idea.  I asked for one for Christmas and the kids went together and got one for me.  They even got different kinds of vinyl and accessories to go with it.  I think the possibilities are endless for this machine.  You can paper craft, anything from scrapbooking to card making to 3D designs.  Then there are all the vinyl options, heat transfer, semi permanent, permanent, printed, glitter and more I'm sure I'm forgetting.  You can put vinyl on virtually anything. The best part of this machine is you can make your own designs and make them the size you need.

The first thing I did was search for information about my new machine.  I found Silhouette School Blog right off and it's been so helpful in teaching me all about my machine.

Of course one of my first projects was to decorate my new machine:

I love cats (I have two, Maine Coon/Ragdoll mixes) and I love the vinyl I found.

I was surprised by the different types of vinyl for different projects.  On the one above I used what's called 631 vinyl.  It's the same type of vinyl you find in stores for the sayings you put on walls.  It's non permanent but sticks really well until you are ready to remove it.

Another project I've done is a birthday shirt for my grandaughter:
This was the only picture I was able to snap before she claimed it.  It's not completed here, it still has the transfer tape on and isn't ironed on yet. It is made with glitter heat transfer.  I've made several shirts and to me the hardest part is getting the placement level.

Another thing to remember when using heat transfer vinyl, it has to be mirrored.  Fortunately, I've only ruined one design forgetting to mirror.  When I did that I decided I needed to make something to remind me to mirror my heat transfer:

 I put this on the inside lid of my Cameo.  Hopefully I will look at this before I hit the send/cut button!

Once again I'm awful about getting pictures.  I've made several t-shirts, decals for cars, wall sayings, put vinyl on cups, glasses and tubs.  I'll try to remember to get pictures on everything I make. 

I think sewing will always be my "first" love, but I do enjoy my Cameo.  It's amazing all the neat things I see people do with theirs.  I need to get more adventurous! 

Happy Sewing/Crafting,