Saturday, June 15, 2019

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival 2019

Hubby and I made it to the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival on Thursday and we had a wonderful time!  There were so many gorgeous quilts on which to feast our eyes.  I was like a kid in a candy store.

There were way too many quilts to take pictures of them all.  Here are a few of my favorites, hubby's favorites and ones we thought were interesting..

 I love these giraffes!  I think this would make a great baby quilt.

 We saw a couple elephants and several lions.  Love these quilts, but don't ever see myself making one.

 What a bright, happy quilt!

 Hubby liked this one.

 Not my style, but I thought choice of background fabrics was interesting.

Love this style.  I hope someday to make one similar.

 Aren't these snails the cutest?

 Hubby really struggled understand why someone would make a smaller quilt/wallhanging.  He's a firm believer that quilts belong on beds!

 Hubby is fascinated with how bargellos come together.

 Another one I would never make, but I love the look of these type of quilts.

 What a cute quilt for a child.

 These little dresses were actually crocheted.

 What a cool modern quilt.  I had fun trying to explain modern quilts to hubby.

 I also had fun trying to explain One Block Wonder quilts to hubby.  He was interested in these and wants me to make one.  I suggested he learn to quilt himself!

Hubby was impressed with all the piecing that went into this one!

 From a distance I really liked this one.  Then I got closer and was disappointed when I realized the cat was a panel.  

 This one reminds me of Christmas tree ornaments.

 This one made me laugh!

 We had quite the discussion about this one.  I mentioned I thought it would be a quick easy one for Christmas.  Hubby said he would make the upside down white trees in another fabric.  I had to explain he would have to be careful what fabric he picked because it would get lost and not look like trees anymore.  I don't think he understood my point!

 I always love Elizabeth Hartman patterns!

 This one is on my list to make.

 I thought this one was interesting, it definitely caught my eye.

 I love piano key borders.

 Hubby was not impressed with the darker civil war type quilts  I'm impressed by all the piecing that goes into them.

 Look at all that piecing!

 All that thread painting!  This art form fascinates me.

 Wow!  Love the colors.

I thought these trees were so cool.

 This one impressed hubby with all that little piecing.

 One of hubby's favorites,  he wants me to make one like this.

 I love the look of applique, but don't want to do it myself!

 The flowers in this quilt are made my twilling.  I took a class at one of my local quilt shops to learn how to twill and I loved it.  I need to pull  that back out and work on it again!

 Another one hubby loved.

 This is made with the binding tool.  Another one I'd like to make sometime.

 I love this little Panda.


 Hubby really liked this one.  So much so he wants me to make one.  It was made with a special ruler.  It's called a Super Sidekick Ruler by Jaybird Quilt.  Our local quilt shop had a booth at the festival, so I chatted with the owner and she's ordering one for me.  Hubby thinks it looks like waves so he wants one in blues.

 Hubby loves looking at bargellos and trying to figure out how that are constructed.

 Love traditional blue and white quilts.

 Oh all the work that went into this quilt!  Love the grandma's flower garden border.

 Another favorite of the hubby's.

 Hubby liked this one too.

 It amazes me how someone can be so creative to do this.  I stood and just admired this one for a while.

 Love the colors in this one.

 There is something about this one I really like.  

 I think I must like purple and teal and not realize it!..

 Another one on my bucket list.

 Ok, maybe I love purple.


I think this one won Best of Show or maybe it was a judges award.  Either way, it definitely deserved it.  The quilting was exquisite.  

I managed to control my spending (probably because hubby was standing beside me the whole time).  I purchased a Pounce starter kit and a fine spray mist bottle for my Best Press.  I'll let you know what I think of them in a future post.

Which quilt do you like the best?  Are there any you want to make?

Happy sewing,