Monday, June 19, 2017

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival-What fun!

I dragged my sister to the Quilt Festival this last weekend.  The festival lasted three days, from Thursday through Saturday.  We were only able to go on Saturday, that danged work thing gets in the way of all the fun!

I went with wonderful intentions of taking lots of photos.  I knew there would be beautiful quilts and lots of inspiration.  Of course as usual, I got caught up in the moment and rarely remembered to take pictures...even when I had my camera in my hand.  

Here are the four pictures I actually remembered to take:
There is something about those butterflies and the quilting I loved.

I thought this one was fun and whimsical!

Isn't this one gorgeous??

Now for the background on the quilt below:  The woman who made and quilted this one is Becky Collis, she owns   Collis County Quilting    I met Becky through my sister, Kim.  Kim found Becky on Facebook.  Turns out we went to high school together, of course they are "much" older than me!   Kim figured since she kind of knew her through high school, it must be safe to have Becky quilt her quilt tops. I think Becky has quilted three or four quilts for Kim and they all have turned out beautiful.   Anyway, Becky had a finished quilt for Kim and they decided to meet when we all went to the festival.    Becky mentioned she had two or three quilts in the show but neglected to mention she won 1st Place with this quilt!  I talked with Becky about fangirling all the famous quilters there and she admitted she did it too, but I should have been fangirling on her and I didn't even realize it!

I love this one!  My new friend Becky Collis made this, just look at her quilting.  It is AMAZING!

I spent a good part of my time testing out long arms.  My hope is to purchase one in three to five years, so of course I needed to test them out!  That is a whole other blog post.  I will say my top three at this time are APQS, Gammill and Innova.  I need to do a lot more research before I make any decisions.

There were so many vendors with massive amounts of fabric, patterns, and quilting supplies.  It was somewhat overwhelming.  I wish I could have taken two days to go.  The first day for just walking around and taking it all in and the second day for actually making purchases.  Maybe in two years (it's a biannual show) I'll take a vacation day.  If I do that, I can take a class or two also.

It was a great show and sounds like it was very successful, thanks to all the quilt guilds who joined together to plan and organize it.

Happy Sewing,


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